I. About us

iSupport was formerly known as The English Learning Support Club, helping level students improve their English skills with 4 basic skills and create a communication English learning environment. In the process of development, the club expanded its orientation as an English Support Club and improved leadership. Through project work, project ideas, competitions, events, iSupport club members work together to hone soft skills, project management skills, teamwork skills and leadership skills. The club gradually brings innovation hub, inspiration and orientation to help you create your own personal project/team. iSupport focuses on developing the potential of each individual, attaching great importance to moral and human values.

1. Message


To become the soul-mate club of every VNU-IS student. iSupport listens, iSupport helps and iSupport brings you to whatever you wish.


iSupport commits to strengthen your professionalism and integration ability to adapt to the rapid-changing society. We do that by offering students with scholastic activities, events, orientation workshops and seminars.

Core values

1. Will – Integrity 

WE are a group of people daring to be mad and crazy. 

WE are mad to live, mad to learn, mad to reach our full potentials.

WE hold hands, fearlessly step into any firestorm of challenges

The fire cuts through flesh, blood in our hands.

But once it’s over, WE walk out like the phoenix rising from ashes

WE are a bunch of goofballs who never yawn but burn and burn, fiercer than the fire

2. Creativity

We treasure passion and innovation. We prioritize down-to-earth, yet, outstanding solutions to unexpected problems

3. Efficiency 

We invest smartly to everything we do. We can be slow, but can’t be ineffective.

4. Respectability

We put ourselves in others’ shoes. Our principle is simple: Embrace diversity.

II, Organizational structure 

Content Department: The Content Department plays an important role in ideas and framing the club’s activities. At the same time, the board will coordinate and monitor the major projects of the club. In addition, building a system of professional knowledge and soft skills for members of the board and the club is one of the core tasks of the board. From there, with the desire to create a connection between the departments to learn and develop in the most positive direction.

Communication – External Department: is the face of the club with the role of not only conveying information to students and everyone in the faculty but also building the image of the club to external partners. This is the department in charge of all communication activities such as: creating, building content, strategy, in charge of designing image publications, clips, and running program techniques. In addition, the media and external affairs department also assumes the role of contacting, maintaining relationships with the parties to cooperate, support and sponsor the media for the club. In a dynamic environment like in media, you will learn soft skills, necessary experiences in life and have many new relationships, opening the door to opportunities for yourself.

Internal-Logistics Department:  plays a leading role in monitoring, helping, cohesion and internal development of iSupport members. In addition, in the activities, events / projects of the club, Domestic – Logistics also undertakes the specific work of the board, supporting the Content and Communication department together to create the most satisfactory results.

III, Highlighted Activities

  • Successfully send member to local and international events every month
  • Minimum of 5 big events per year
  • Top 6 English club models at the 1st National English Club Festival
  • Win awards and prizes from the Youth Union every year for outstanding activities
  • Having created many online&offline workshops
  • WECHALLENGE: An English contest with the focus on presentation on public speaking skills .
  • VNU-IS Future Leaders: The model ASEAN meeting designed specifically for VNU-IS students with the board of mentors coming from 10 countries across ASEAN
  • ILEAD – iSupports: Leaders – A yearly private event of iSupport which empowers every member to generate an initiative.
  • AMARACE: iSupport Club in collaboration with IMC Marketing Club organized the AMaRace contest with the aim of creating a playground for international school students along with students throughout Hanoi to study as well as exchange knowledge and experiences related to marketing.
  • iSpeak: Ispeak is a series of public speaking events for students in IS-VNU. We help you discover your potential and improve your public speaking, communication and leadership skills….